The Sandbox




     The New Circle Theatre Company (NCTC) Sandbox is a private space for the in-house development of our company’s work- a place for our members to experiment, take risks, and collaborate, and are not created for viewing by the general public. These presentations have a tiny budget, and all involved donate their time and talents. 100% of any donations collected at the door of any Sandbox presentation goes directly to the artists and staff involved in creating it.

     The Sandbox Series is by invitation only, and is intended to share the process of our artists’ developing work with our company members and their invited guests. 

    The Sandbox is housed in the former home of Michael Warren Powell, beloved mentor and Artistic Director of Circle Rep Lab (the company from which NCTC evolved) from 1985-1996. For many NCTC members, the Lab had been our artistic home, and we’d always mourned its loss. Upon Michael’s death, in 2016, this space became our new artistic home and the headquarters for NCTC and the Sandbox.

2018 Sandbox Presentations

Man & Wife by Emma Goldman-Sherman, Directed by David Kronick; Sets & Lights by JoshBob Rose; Costumes by Karen Wight-Greenberg; with Adam Bradley, Amanda Ladd, George Sheffey, and Emily Tetzlaff, presented on March 8 - 11, 2018.  (Photos: Emily Hewitt)