Inferno Project: Greed & Wrath


 World premiere of 10 short plays

The plays/directors/actors:


For Your Love by Christopher Goutman, directed by Lisa Pelikan,

with Chris Tipp*, Candace Janée, and Claire Smith.

My Way by Jason Howard, directed by Ken Lowstetter, with

Arsenio L. Stembridge and Philip Newcomer.

Petrified by Emma Goldman-Sherman, directed by Tatiana Baccari,

with Edmund Wilkinson*, Amelia Fowler, and Alisha Espinosa*.

The Great Devourer by Lori Goodman, directed by David Kronick,

with Tom Bozell*, Anna Ewing Bull*, Giselle Liberatore,

Jon L Peacock*, and Anthony Heider.

Ms.Thule Won’t Be Coming Back by Jon Fraser, directed by

Janice L. Goldberg, with Amanda Ladd*, Loren Bidner*, and

Clarence Demesier.


                         EVENING B:

Post Partum by Robyn Burland, directed by Gordon Kupperstein,

with Kelly Hadden and Luis Carlos de la Lombana*.

Entrepreneur by Cindy Cooper, directed by Emily Tetzlaff,

With Debra Kay Anderson* and Julie Voshell*.

Ropes… by Cate Allen, directed by Eric Nightengale, with

Julia Motyka*, Dominic Comperatore*, and Judith Hiller*.

Lady Obscura by Bill Leavengood, directed by Chamila Prianka,

With Amber Paul* and Grace Chim.

Like Family by Glenn Alterman, directed by Vernice Miller, with

Jennifer Laine Williams*, Will Ormsby Cary, and Ayden Lopez.

       (* = member of Actors’ Equity Association)

 Scenic Designer: Matthew Imhoff;

Lighting Designer: Kathrine R. Mitchell;

Sound Designer: Jorge Olivo;

Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Curci;

Assistant Stage Manager: Serge Gonzalez 


or call 800-316-8559.        

An Equity Approved Showcase.