In the interest of sustaining the high calibre of this company in its many iterations, this document outline the process of becoming a member in good standing.  All standing members of Circle Rep Lab, Theater Trust, The Lab &  Circle East are considered members of the New Circle Theatre Company without further application or review.

Any individuals who have become affiliated with Michael Warren Powell personally in recent years or with the aforementioned companies without formal application shall now be be considered Associated Artists also without further application or review.

The benefits of membership include:

  1. Primary consideration for company projects;

  2. The ability to represent oneself as a member of this prestigious company in bios and other printed matter;

  3. A safe place to explore new work with like minded artists;

  4. Supported in your process as you grow as an artist.

As for the cost of membership we ask that the constituency:

  1. Actively seek opportunities to serve and volunteer to help the company - house managing , reading stage directions, setting up for events, etc .

  2. Volunteer to be on committees or for long and short term staff positions.

  3. Remain open to diversity in writing, casting, readings, and membership.

Service to ourselves as a community is the cornerstone of a sustainable framework for ongoing success as a company.

While the company has always maintained great diversity of age and “type” we must proactively pursue real racial and ethnic diversity. We can reach the seemingly disparate goals of inclusion, outreach, inquiry and the investigation of exciting new work without sacrificing quality if we consider all facets essential.

Application Processes:

Step 1 - Become an Associated Artist

Any member of the company may invite another artist to begin the application process. Members should only recommend artists who they believe will prove to be an asset to the company. Members can make this invitation by introducing their colleague at a meeting and contacting the Membership Committee. (currently Melanie Armer & Adrienne Williams) Upon formal invitation by the Membership Committee the candidate is considered an Associated Artist and may participate in company meetings, productions and other events. Members shall be given priority over Associated Artists in casting and other artistic endeavors. It is expected that the Associated Artist will apply or audition for membership within one year (or two for playwrights) and therefore Associated Artist status in considered valid for one year for Actors and Directors, (two years for writers) after their invitation. Associated Artist status may be extended by the membership committee or the Artistic Director under specific circumstances.

Step 2 - Apply for membership

Actors - Once deemed an Associated Artist, Actors must be recommended in writing by three company members to the membership committee to be granted a panel audition.

Writers -  Writers may be invited by any member of the company to send a writing sample to the Company’s Artistic Director at  Writers will be invited to a regular meeting in order to hear their work read by the company. The Associated Artist Writer may submit work for any upcoming New Circle project.

Directors - Directors recommended by a company member become Associated Artists at which point they may participate in company activities. They may be selected by playwrights and approved by the Artistic Director or selected solely by the Artistic Director to direct company projects. Once a director has participated in one or more public productions as an associated artist they must be recommend by three company members of differing specialty (an actor, playwright, stage manager, designer etc) to the membership committee who will inform and advise the Artistic Director of the Associated Artists application.

Step 3 - Membership Status Granted

Actors - will receive member status upon 4/5 vote by the actors' panel after panel auditions.

Auditions will be organized by the membership committee and held bi-annually. Candidates will be offered a 15-20 minute audition slot for which they may use material of their choice. Scene work is preferred to monologues and although working with company actors is recommended, the candidate may elect to work with any actors of their choice. Auditions will be judged by a panel of 5 company members (who volunteer from the company and are organized by the membership committee) and the Artistic Director. Actors must be approved by 4 of the panel of 5. The Artistic Director may overrule any decision made by this panel. Criteria for this panel include 1. Skill, 2. Talent,  3. Experience and training,  4. The need for the actor’s “type” in the company roster.  Suitability for a particular upcoming project should not be considered in panel auditions. Candidates may re-apply for membership if not granted membership but may not audition more than twice for membership.

Writers - will receive member status after three productions with the company and an invitation from the Artistic Director.

Only after a writer has participated in three publicly presented New Circle shows may the Artistic Director grant the writer membership status. The Artistic Director may seek advice from the company at large, the Membership Committee, Advisory Committee or the Literary Manager, but the final invitation to membership shall be the sole decision of the Artistic Director.

Directors - By Artistic Director decision.

       Following a period of being an associated artist and at least one public production with the company a director may be considered by the Artistic Director for membership. The Artistic Director will be advised by the Membership committee and may seek advice from the company at large, or various committees, but the final invitation to membership shall be the sole decision of the Artistic Director.

Designers and Stage Managers - Same as Directors

A note regarding Students and Apprentices:  Members of this group are not automatically considered Associated Artists if their participation in projects is part of an academic pursuit. Students and Apprentices may become Associated Artists by recommendation of a company member to the Membership committee.