New Circle Theatre Company is the descendant of Circle Rep, The Lab, and Circle East, maintaining a dedication to the development of new American plays.


New Circle Theatre Company is a company of actors, writers and directors , many of whom have worked together for decades with a dedication to develop and foster new American plays. 


The New Circle Theatre Company’s (NCTC) mission is to create theatre that illuminates and questions the world in which we live, by supporting and promoting the voice of the playwright.  We are a company of writers, actors, directors and designers working together to nurture the journey of a play through all stages of development, from original concept to production.   We celebrate our history of excellence established by giants of the American theatre by offering a compassionate and inspirational environment to our artists so that they can safely experiment and grow.  We foster diversity and parity as essential factors to achieve our mission.  NCTC’s objective is to stimulate, educate, and inspire our audience and our community by creating theatrical productions of the highest caliber that can elevate the human spirit, and address the challenges of the 21st Century.


New Circle Theatre Company (NCTC) traces its lineage back to the  Circle Repertory Company and the Circle Rep Lab.   When Circle Rep closed its doors in 1996, Michael Warren Powell, the Lab's long-time Artistic Director, started a new company with the aim of continuing the work of Circle.  Michael, along with many of the Circle family, founded the Lab Theater Company which eventually became Circle East.  Michael continued his inspirational leadership of the company until his death in July 2016. 

New Circle Theatre Company was established to carry on this legacy.


Michael Warren Powell, Lanford Wilson, and Marshall Mason.

Michael Warren Powell, Lanford Wilson, and Marshall Mason.


This legacy began in the early 1960’s at the Caffe Cino and the formation of the Off-Off-Broadway movement.  It was at the Cino where Michael Warren Powell (above, left), his friend, a young playwright named Lanford Wilson (above, middle) and director Marshall W. Mason (above, right) got their start in New York theatre.  

In 1969, Marshall, Lanford, actor Tayna Berezin, and actor/director Rob Thirkield founded the Circle Repertory Company, which the New York Times called “the chief creator of new American plays.”   For years the Circle Repertory Company continued producing new and innovative work, launching the careers of many of the most consequential theatre artists of the last three decades of the 20th Century.

New Circle Theatre Company’s mission remains dedicated to to this legacy and to the development of new plays by continuing the tradition handed down to us by these pioneering and influential artists.  


The Company is lead by a Leadership Team that includes actor, David Arrow, and playwright, Jon Fraser; director Emily Tetzlaff, and Executive Director David Kronick.


Artists who interested in becoming a part of the Company should visit the Membership page on this website to view the guidelines.  Becoming a member is a process as we work in the collaborative nature of a family, where trust and commitment to one another is paramount.  Members participate in the artistic life of the company by joining committees, volunteering and helping to foster the company's growth.


New Circle Theatre Company is committed to providing a nurturing atmosphere that inspires creativity and collaboration, promotes empathy, and celebrates the human spirit. NCTC understands that creating theatre requires more emotional and physical intimacy than work performed in other fields. As such, we are determined to establish and maintain an environment of mutual trust - where we communicate and listen - where we can embrace challenging material - where we recognize and value individual differences - where we treat one another with dignity and respect - an environment free of discrimination, intimidation and all forms of harassment. All those who participate in NCTC events, meetings, workshops, or productions must adhere to the above expectations. Any inappropriate or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Any complaint should be brought to the attention of NCTC’s leadership.


New Circle Theatre Company (NCTC) is sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions may be made by check or


To make a donation electronically, go to: bit.ly/donatenewcircle.

Checks should be made payable to “Fractured Atlas,” writing New Circle Theatre Company in the memo, and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law..  Checks can be mailed to:

New Circle Theatre Company

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